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De-Stressing with the Gym

So yesterday started off on a not-so-great foot; woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I suppose. I was able to make the day significantly better from the get-go, however, by throwing on my workout clothes and heading across the street to my school’s main gym!

I procrastinated a lot before actually leaving, but I realized what I was doing and forced myself out. In the end, even though my workout was not long, I ended up feeling great for going – and my legs were super sore after! All I did was push myself on an incline for 30 minutes (~2.5 miles) on the elliptical but it was all I really needed to get back in the swing of exercising. (I’m a firm believer in not over-doing it. If I had pushed myself to go an hour, or at a higher intensity, I would have been exhausted and discouraged from going again the next day.)

Aaaand my face gets incredibly red when I exercise. This can sometimes make me really self-conscious, but I always feel so much better when I ignore what’s bringing me down and work out anyway. I might not be the fittest person ever, but I’m never going to be where I want to if I don’t ever try. Everyone else is at the gym for the same reason, so don’t think that they’re all judging you. You have to start somewhere.

The other great thing about exercise – besides the health benefits – is that it releases awesome endorphins which essentially thank your body for moving itself! If you work out regularly then you get to feel those endorphins all the time.

Another important point I found in something Ashley (over at Coffee Cake and Cardio) posted a couple days ago┬áthat highlighted holding back on snacking until post-exercise. And honestly, it’s so effective! After my work out, on the way back up to my dorm room, I stopped by the cafeteria and grabbed an apple. Not fries, not chips, but fruit! That’s an accomplishment for a carb-lover like me. And the rest of the day I could not justify eating crappy foods because I knew they would just put all of the calories that I burned right back where they started.

Bottom line? Working out made me feel great and it triggered smart choices for the rest of the day. Even though I had to, in some respects, drag myself out, I was so grateful for doing so because it made me very proud of myself.